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Many companies are familiar with the different existing pump maintenance options and rely on firms such as Solve IMI to provide this service. In most cases, they opt for the corrective form as the grounding for their maintenance tasks. Indeed, more than 90% of the time and resources used in maintenance are devoted to the repair of faults, which can produce higher economic costs, a shortening of the useful life of the equipment and an unpredictable manufacturing rate.

The maintenance of the installations in general is undergoing significant evolution, driven above all by the technological development of control and measurement equipment. A correct intervention by professionals justifies technically and economically suitable operations of the pumping equipment in the final installation. At Solve IMI, we are specialists in pump maintenance and provide different solutions, devised to suit the client’s needs.


With scheduled preventive maintenance, we refer to the programming of all the activities intended to maintain proper functioning of the pumping equipment, without leading to incidents.

Between the tasks that encompass correct maintenance of pumps are the inspections, verifications, security checks, adjustments, calibration, analysis. In short, to inspect the equipment periodically and detect possible faults, correcting them before they affect the overall operation of the equipment.

Thanks to this type of maintenance, it is possible to guarantee better functioning of the pumps, a longer working life of the equipment, lower repair costs and a reduction in downtime.


Predictive maintenance consists of all the actions and techniques that are undertaken in order to detect faults and defects in the pumping equipment in the initial stages, preventing them from evolving into larger damage, and therefore to emergency stoppages and downtime.

The different detection techniques can vary, from failures captured by the senses (strange noises, burning odour, failures in couplings), to non-destructive tests, such as measuring parameters, vibrations, temperatures, oil analysis and inspection … and in a general sense featuring technological monitoring.


Corrective maintenance is based on the organisation, management and repair of breakdowns.

Corrective maintenance redresses the defects observed in the equipment, locating the different faults, thus correcting and repairing them. In short, it consists of repairing the damaged parts. At Solve IMI, we guarantee a quick intervention using in-house means, to minimise the negative impact that the breakdown may cause.