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Suministro de agua en Bizkaia

At Solve IMI, we are highly-trained in water supply, mainly in the industrial sector. Our main aim is to provide technical support to the maintenance departments of industrial facilities of all kinds.

In conclusion, we provide services in all places where water supply is needed and ensure our customers constant pressure levels and even flow. Furthermore, through being distributors of leading brands in the sector, we can guarantee the supply of a wide range of pumping systems designed to work even in less favourable environments or in extremely demanding conditions.

In order to offer a professional service adapted to the needs of each client, at Solve IMI, we boast a multitude of resources that guarantee a multidisciplinary and quality service.

Water, our lifeblood

suministro de agua en Bizkaia

We operate in several sectors, both in large-scale industry (naval, paper, steel, chemical, food, water treatment, ETAP-WWTP, energy…) and hospitals, residences, hotels, homeowners’ associations and a long etcetera.

This variety of fields and the experience accumulated following many years working in the sector, mean that Solve IMI has become a leading company, endowed with a multitude of resources that guarantee our clients swift and efficient treatment to their full satisfaction.

Therefore, we can ensure that wherever the water supply is necessary, Solve IMI has the solution.

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