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At Solve IMI, we are specialists in pumping systems for all types of installations and clients. Not only do we carry out industrial supplies, we also provide, maintain and repair pumping equipment in homeowners’ associations, residences, gymnasiums, hospitals, schools, hotels and a many, many others.

Bilge pumps for garages and basements and lobby groups are our fundamental pillars, although we also perform tasks on faecal pumps. In short, in the field of homeowner associations, Solve IMI acts primarily on two levels.


Numerous garages and basements have problems with water filtration, mainly during the rainy season. Bilge pumps can be of great help, since they prevent further damages.

At Solve IMI, we study each case in a meticulous manner as to always offer you the most suitable solution. We design and plan the installation of submersible pumps, we supply the pumps that best suit your needs, and perform the maintenance and repair of previously installed pumping systems, of all types and brands.

In addition, we offer a scheme for renting bilge pumps for those cases in which they are only needed as a one-off service.


At Solve IMI, we have garnered extensive experience in pressure pumps, meaning that we understand perfectly the needs of each client.

In many buildings, the upper floors have problems with water pressure, either due to lack of pressure from the municipal supply, or because of the condition of the pipes.

Solve IMI is entrusted with maintenance and repair of pressure pumps installed beforehand. In addition, through being distributors of leading brands in the sector, we take care of advice, supply and installation of the most appropriate pressure group in terms of pressure and flow needs of each client, thus ensuring continuous water supply.