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Solve IMI. Committed to sports

Enjoying a cosy dinner at the end of the day, and in good company! Elite sportspeople: Asier del Horno, Mikel Goñi, Pablo Fusto and many others. It is a pleasure to talk about the efforts, merits and achievements that each one of them bring to this imperfect world. Solve IMI SL would like to thank everybody for coming.

alquiler de bombas


We wish to offer our most sincere thanks to the Pala Maloka tournament organizers. Solve IMI is honored of presenting the trophy to the tournament´s best player: Asier del Horno. We hope that we can have much more tournaments. And we hope that we all can enjoy this very special event much more times, in this impressive atmosphere. Thank you all for letting us being part of this family. We would also like to thank all of our customers for placing their trust in us.

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